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Ann Arbor Chatter about Les Miles

U.of M. Wolverines Helmet  Well it would be hard to be around Ann Arbor without being aware of all the chatter about the replacement of Coach Lloyd Carr. The rumors have been flying for weeks now that Les Miles, a former Wolverine Player and head coach of L.S.U. would be the new head coach.

Saturday, ESPN Sports Analysist, Kirk Herbstreit,  broke the story that he had good sources telling him Les Miles would definately be coming to Michigan.

That set off a fire storm of denials, L.S.U. Athletic Director and even Miles himself saying it was not true.

Of course my opinion is what else could one possibably say right before going out to coach his team for the SEC Championship ? 

My own personal opinion and NOT from any source is that the decision has not been finalized either way. Bill Martin, has shown his class by not responding to the media circus at all. Good for you, Bill !

Bill will go about the search in a methodical way and will announce his decision when a decision has been made on the new University of Michigan head football coach.

However, this hasn’t stopped the people on blogs and threads from venting. I have been reading the threads on MGoBlog and I invite you to go read and maybe throw your two cents in.

There is also good information here.

Warning it is not for the faint-hearted.

As one commenter over there kept saying and I agree, “My head hurts!”

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