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Michigan House Passes No Smoking in Bars Ban

Should this be banned in bars and restaurants?Last night the Michigan House of Representatives barely passed the ban on not smoking in restaurants and bars. It was passed by a margin of 56-46 in the Democratic controlled house.

It will still need to be passed in the Republican Controlled Senate.

The Michigan Restaurant Association and The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association are still fighting the legislation.

The group named The Campaign for Smoke-free Air is in support of the ban and has been advocating for years to see this enacted.

The beverage and restaurant associations position is it will hurt their client base and restaurants should be able to choose on their own based on their customers.

However, the advocates for smoke free environment advocate that everyone has a right to visit the places of business without worrying about second hand smoke.

What say you?

16 thoughts on “Michigan House Passes No Smoking in Bars Ban

  1. Missy,

    When will we learn the value of FREEDOM? We need to be free to visit those businesses whose practices we support. If we want to smoke, then we’ll visit those businesses who welcome smokers. If we want a smoke-free business, we will visit those businesses. I certainly don’t want some idiot in Lansing telling me whether I can, or cannot, legally smoke in my business!

    Let’s see…we still have a severely unbalanced budget for the State, and these idiots are worried about smoking in restaurants? No wonder this State is in such an awful budget situation!


  2. SO Michigan is behind the times on this one! California, Florida and other states have passed this law and the restaurants have not suffered because of it here at all. In fact many places gained me as a diner because I will not go to a restaurant where people get to smoke. Disney has had that rule for years and it has not hurt their business!

  3. Missy, I think Michigan would be better served if our legislators concentrated on critical issues such as coming up with a state budget rather than kowtowing to special interest groups.

    Like it or not, smoking is a legal activity. Of course the legislators will not outlaw smoking – too much tax revenue. Also, people would finally put their collective foot down and say ‘enough!’ But they will regulate where you can smoke, then next it will be alcohol and then trans fats and look out fast food. Of course it will be for our own goods.

    Government should stick to running the government, and if you don’t like the smoke, stay out of the smoking section.

  4. I don’t smoke, but I’ve seen it hurt business in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area when a bar has passed a no smoking law. I, for one, am glad I don’t have to smell it when I’m out eating. Missy, I’m really liking your new site.

  5. Missy, love your “new baby.” Congrats!

    I must say, I was shocked that a ban on smoking wasn’t done a long time ago. I wonder how many states still allow that? Do you know?

  6. Hey, guys still working out the bugs and I didn’t get notified of comments awaiting.
    Bob Carney, I know you use word press any suggestions ?

    I think you all summed up exactly what the issue is very well and that is why I don’t think the Senate will pass it at this point.

  7. Missy, I didn’t get an email notification. I just popped on by. Do I need to subscribe to get new post notifications? I saw where to do that…I’ll head on over and subscribe. I like to support family!

  8. Missy,

    I’m with Vance on this.

    I’m all for no-smoking in restaurants, but if someone wants to work or visit a bar where they and other people can smoke I think they should have that right.

    Are we going to need “smoking police” now?

  9. Hi Missy – I found my way over here from your Pageflakes site – Very Nice!

    Wow – Your area is way behind the times. I can’t imagine going into a restaurant and having to deal with smokers. It seems like ages ago that you could smoke in a public place in Mass.

  10. Bill, most restaurants in Ann Arbor are smoke free. This is a state-wide bill.
    Hey, I am on page flakes and can’t figure out my URL.
    Any clue how? It is not showing up when I do
    I made it my home-page but no URL to pass along like you did.

  11. Plain and simple…Smoking should be banned in bars and restaurants! I believe there are more people who DON’T go out because of the smoke than those who DO because they can. Hey, they are welcome to step outside and have a smoke and give the rest of us a break. That way, we can actually go to a sports bar to watch a game and not come home and have to take a shower, hang our jackets in the garage, and throw our smelly clothes in the basement.

  12. ok this law actually makes me a little mad, i’m sorry to ssay it but im not a smoker but this law makes me think that the state is trying to control our live to far, if someone has a porblem with smoke dont go to a bar that has smoking or has a non smoking section dont just make it illegal thats just a crual thing to do to those that are adictide to yes a horible thing but a leagle this

  13. I am alergic to smoke, but though that it was to much goverment to make this a law. When we have seprate areas. Untill working in a resturant for over 30 years and noticed that the smokers take alot of breakes and bathroom breakes (so they can smoke) then I can’t use that bathroom (algery). It seems that they can only think about when they can get a a quick one. I have had it I cant breath and tired of allways picking up the slack because of there habit. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE LAW TO PASS! It really be more far foer us nonsmokers and healther. what can i do to help get this don?

  14. It isn’t just restaurants and bars. Drivers on the road smoke with the windows open and their hand holding the cigarette out and the street is their ash tray. It usually ends up going to the car behind them and if that person has the window open, he or she can get the ashes in the eyes which could cause injury and or an accident.
    I just moved into the Claymoor Apartments in Southfield, Mi. The leasing agent said the smoke I was smelling was because of the maintenance men and it would be out soon. The truth is that the people who run a business under me smoke all day and the employees smoke outside my window.
    I have asthma and can’t breathe, am coughing all the time I am in my $1025 a month apartment, for which I can get no recourse. They agreed to move me rather than to upset the people who are causing the suffering. But that was last month and nothing is being done. They are hoping I will ride it out for 6 months until the lease is up and they don’t have to pay for moving and can collect my security deposit. People who smoke are extremely self-centered and don’t care about their own health, let alone anyone else’s.


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