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Best Ice-Cream in Ann Arbor, MI

Washtenaw Dairy in Ann Arbor, MI is with out a doubt THE best place to get ice-cream. Started in 1934, it is a legend in Ann Arbor, MI. It is owned by two partners Jim Smith and Doug Raba, and many of the employees have been there for 30-40 years.

Jim, one of the owners born in 1952, can remember his dad making the ice-cream and milk. Horses use to bring the milk to the dairy in 10 gallon cans and it was homozenized on the spot. Old Picture from the Ann Arbor Library

In 1976, the volume was too demanding so they sold or “farmed” out their recipes to Stroh’s Ice Cream and Prairie Farms, a farmer’s co-op to handle the production.

Nestled in a neighborhood, known as The Old West Side, it is a landmark and legend in Ann Arbor. The building is NOT remodeled and maintains the ambience of the neighborhood ice-cream parlor of years gone by.

 WAshtenaw Dairy location Located at 602 S. Ashley, it is only a few blocks from down-town Ann Arbor, and close to the University of Michigan Stadium. Close enough to Pioneer High School; you will often see many teens there during the day. Neighborhood families will walk to the dairy and sit and enjoy the outside benches. Anyone who has ever lived in Ann Arbor, makes it a stop on there return visits.

There is usually a line to get in, but no one seems to mind. The employees are warm and friendly and will let you try as many flavors as you want.

Washtenaw Dairy, is known for their HUGE SCOOPS, of ice-cream, with a single being the equivalent of a double in most ice-cream places. My favorite is the Swiss Almond Chocolate, with tons of almonds throughout it. But, there are sooooooooo many yummy flavors to choose from, it’s hard to choose.

Washtenaw Dairy takes you back to your childhood, with outrageously good ice-cream, creamy and rich. When I want my clients to experience a “flavor” of Ann Arbor (no pun intended) we always stop by Washtenaw Dairy for an ice-cream cone to get our blood sugar up as we continue the search for the home they will fall in love with. Employee and a Single Dip of Swiss Almond Choc

 Display behind the counter WAshtenaw Dairy An Ann Arbor institution, 70 years in the business, back when horses brought the milk in, huge scoops, ambience of yester-year, great employees and THE Biggest SCOOP around what more could you want?

Washtenaw Dairy is open 7 days a week from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If you anywhere near Ann Arbor, take the time to visit this old-fashion ice-cream parlor. You will be glad you did. Oh, did I mention they also have fresh donuts made daily? No, well that’s for another day.

You can even buy a T-Shirt. Washtenaw Dairy T shirt


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