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Ann Arbor, MI Real Estate is not that Hard

I found a really cool YouTube yesterday, and it is being circulated on a lot of social networks. Sometimes we make this business so hard. When it is really quite simple. Many of the homes in Ann Arbor are priced correctly;however, many are still sitting on the market.

The average days on the market in Ann Arbor is 92.That doesn’t sound too bad, right? But, this is the average. Those homes that are selling are “priced to sell”.  In my experience the last 13 years, regardless of location,  condition, any home will sell if priced correctly. For instance, if you have a home that backs up to railroad tracks, some buyers will find that lot less desirable. So you can’t price it where other homes in the neighborhood are at the same price. But, if you sell it for less, it overcomes the obstacle.

Because the inventory is high, and their are more homes available, buyers are “unforgiving” in what they will accept in a home. Regardless, it all comes down to price.


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