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Saline and Ann Arbor score big in MME tests

Ann Arbor and Saline Both Score Big in Michigan Merit Exam (edit/delete)

School classesThe Michigan Merit Exam results are in and Saline and Ann Arbor both score high.

Both schools, Saline and Ann Arbor, posted results that were among the best in the state on the MME, a high school test which includes the ACT, commonly used by colleges in the admissions processes.

Saline Area Schools had the sixth-highest ACT composite score among school districts and public school academies in the state, school officials said.

The Ann Arbor Public Schools district had the 10-highest score among the same group, while local charter school Washtenaw Technical Middle College had the 14th highest score.

Washtenaw Technical Middle College is open to high school students that want to attend college instead of high school and obtain 2 years of college while in high school.

Ann Arbor’s Community High School came in with the second -highest composite score among individual schools in Ann Arbor. Community High School is a school of choice and students are now chosen by lottery and are fortunate to attend.

The Michigan Merit Exam usually is taken in the spring of a student’s junior year. Students who take the tests can qualify for up to $4,000 in state college scholarship money.

Good job Saline Area High Schools Students and Ann Arbor Students. The state average is 18.8, and Saline scored 23 and Ann Arbor 22.5, with Community High School scoring 25.1, the highest in the area.

To read the entire list of how all schools scored, click here.

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