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Open day at University of Michigan Football

U of M. football here we goOpening today for the Michigan Wolverines is tomorrow. There is so much excitement living in Ann Arbor and a college town. Even if expectations are low around the country we are looking forward to a new era at University of Michigan.

We have a new coach, Rich Rodrigues, who runs the spread offence which is new and different at this Big 10 school, steeped in a running tradition. “Coach Rod” as he is called is the son of a coal miner from West Virginia, with blue-collar roots, he became a head coach at age 24.

Coach Rod is still not saying who will be the starting quarter-back. My guess is he will play both of them. Nick Sheridan is from Saline, who was the QB when my son Andrew played at Saline. Nick is a walk-on Red Shirt sophomore is competing with Steven Threet, from Adrian for the opening job. We open against Utah who also runs a spread offense and has their seasoned QB returning.In the past, Michigan has had a hard time defending against the spread offence, but now that we are defending it every day in practice, we should be much improved.

The Stadium is under construction with 49 suites (luxury boxes) not completed. Construction is due to be completed in 2010 and I have been watching the cranes and the steel around the Stadium all summer.

Here is a great air tour of what it will look like when completed.

Fans are asked to come early, due to the construction. Of course, all my kids and their girlfriends and boyfriends are going early like at 8:00 for a 3:30 kick-off. Christa will be running through the house, yelling, “get up, it’s game day” with the fight song playing in the background. About the only days of the year, she is the first one up.

The Victors Walk will begin 2 hours before the game, as the Wolverines walk 200 yards from the U of M. public safety building to stadium tunnel entrance and into the locker room.

So even with the QB situation not known, a stadium under construction, a new offense, and losing to Appalachian State last year in our season opener, this is still Michigan.

One of THE most winning college football schools in the country, full of pomp and tradition. A place where we sing, “Hail to the Victors” the best fight song known in the country and love every minute of it.


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