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Potential Roadblocks to a Successful Closing in Ann Arbor

RoadblockOne of the documents we send out to our sellers and buyers in Ann Arbor, Saline or anywhere in Washtenaw County, after they are under contract are potential roadblocks to a closing. They can be from various people involved in the transaction.

It is not negative just an information piece we put together to help them understand things beyond our control can occur.

I was supposed to have two closings this week; one buyer purchasing my listing went in to work and found her job was lost. The second one, found out he could not get his money out of China. So events beyond our control happened.


•1.       The lender does not properly qualify the buyer.

•2.       Lender wants property repaired before closing

•3.       Lender pulls a “bait and switch” on the buyers.

•4.       Lender looses an entire file.

•5.       Lender decides the file is too much work.

•6.       Lender doesn’t lock the buyer in and rates go up to high for the buyer to afford the property,

•7.       Lender forgets to ask for a document needed for underwriters.


•1.       The buyers bring an attorney into the picture.

•2.       The buyers are don’t provide all the documents to their lender.

•3.       The buyers don’t have the funds to close.

•4.       The buyers don’t tell the truth on the loan application.

•5.       The buyer’s source of down payment changes.

•6.       The buyers find a different property that comes on the market.

•7.       The buyer’s parents don’t like the house.


•1.       The title company doesn’t find liens or until the last minute.

•2.       The title company forgets to schedule the closing and is booked.

•3.       The title company incorrectly prepares the paperwork.

•4.       The title company does not pass along valuable information fast enough.

•5.       The title company lets one party leave town without signing a necessary document.

•6.       The title company doesn’t coordinate properly with the other title company.

•7.       The title company fails to get the death certificate or trust documentation in a timely manner.

THE SELLERHold on a minute

•1.       The home has defects the seller is unwilling to repair.

•2.       The seller’s new employer changes their mind.

•3.       The seller removes personal property from the home, the buyer was expecting.

•4.       The seller delays the move out date, can’t get a truck or van.

•5.       The sellers don’t have enough funds to bring to closing.

•6.       The sellers can’t clear up lien problem

•7.       The sellers did not own 100% of the property.

•8.       One party decides they are not moving in a divorce.


•1.       The appraiser is not local and doesn’t comp the value correctly.

•2.       The appraiser can find no comparable satisfy  the underwriters.

•3.       The appraiser makes mistakes.

•4.       The appraisal comes in too low.


•1.       The Realtor forgets to schedule the closing.

•2.       The Realtor doesn’t disclose to the sellers their net.

•3.       The Realtor takes a vacation and forgets to inform everyone.

•4.       The Realtor doesn’t have a good relationship with their party and brings up issues at the table that freaks the party out.

•5.       The Realtor quits the business and doesn’t let  anyone know.

•6.       The Realtor turns over the file to a new assistant.

•7.       The Realtor doesn’t answer calls to get issues resolved by contract dates.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, but it is prudent to be prepared for potential roadblocks that might prevent you from getting to the closing table. As a Reatlor in the Ann Arbor Area, I am use to dealing with last minute opps all the time, but many folks buying or selling are not.

One thought on “Potential Roadblocks to a Successful Closing in Ann Arbor

  1. Missy,
    This is a great post and very true. It really seems like no matter how smooth everything goes, if something gets screwed up along the way, it’s always “our” fault. But this is a great idea to let our clients know ahead of time what could possibly be in store for them down the road. Great blog!


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