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What is Phishing?

Image of Lee LeFever from Twitter

Image of Lee LeFever

One of the blogs I follow and have mentioned here is Common Craft Blog by Lee Lefever.

Lee just released a new video on phishing scams?  I can always tell when I get a scam email and they ask me to log on and verify information. Most of the time it is from banks and I know I don’t have an account there. I got one not to long ago and it was from a bank that I do have an account at.

I called them up before I submitted the information. Yes, it was a phishing scam. They informed me to always log on to my account from the web site NOT the email.

Here is the video by Common Craft blog that I think you will learn from. As Lee says in his video there is nothing wrong with doing internet banking as long as you go to their site, and not them come to you in a email.

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