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Real Estate in November by Keller Williams

Today I was driving home and was listening to the radio, I heard a report by a Research Team at U of Michigan predicting we were not going to recover in Michigan until 2011. It was quoted we could expect to see some 108,000 more people laid off, depending on what happens with the “Big 3”.

Then I came home to find this great YouTube video put out by my International Company, Keller Williams. I thought it was good from a historical perspective.

What are your thoughts?

All real estate is local. It is local even down to certain area’s in the Ann Arbor Area. Some area’s in Washtenaw County are experiencing more foreclosure’s and short sales than others.

One thing is true the inventory is decreasing and has been for months. I’m not sure if sellers are just to the point of “waiting until the market comes back”, or “can’t sell for what they owe.”

Either way it is a healthy sign.

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One thought on “Real Estate in November by Keller Williams

  1. Some very good talking points here. My daughter lives in Detroit and her job is directly effected by the auto industry so she is hoping for a turnaround sooner rather than later.


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