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Ypsilanti Township Hardest Hit by Foreclosures

In case you missed it the Ann Arbor News today did an article on Foreclosures hit Ypsilanti Township the Hardest. I read it via MLive.

My comment that I added to the blog was that one reason Ypsilanti Township had the most foreclosures’ in 2007 and 2008 is that it grew the fastest of all area’s of Washtenaw County in the 90′s. Another reason is because many folks that work for the automotive industry moved into Ypsilanti Township.

There is currently in the Stimulus Package a provision for homeowners to get a $15,000. credit (or up to) if they purchase a home. This will be credited back at 7500.00 each year if it passes. Unlike the 7500.00 tax credit home-buyers received last year this is being debated if you will not have to pay back.

Click here are the homes in Ypsilanti Township that are either listed as a Short Sale or Foreclosure.

You can also search all the homes for sale in Ypsilanti Township here.

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Ypsilanti Township Hardest Hit by Foreclosures


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