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Ann Arbor Realtor Releases Book, Profit from Technology

profit-from-technologyMissy Caulk, (that would be me), just co-authored and released a book, “Profit from Technology”.  I have found many if not most Realtors don’t understand the importance of new technology in the 21st Century.

My goal in contributing to this book was to help Realtors around the country learn how to increase and grow their busines through the use of practical technology.

Each of my colleagues  took a certain topic and expanded upon it. Some of the chapters include:

  • Technology: Nemesis or Redeemer?
  • 100% Online Lead Generation
  • Using Internet Tools to Serve the Seller
  • Speak the Language of Today’s Internet-Enabled Client
  • Through the Eyes of a Real Estate Industry Social Media Blogger
  • Virtual Assistants- The Future of Real Estate Support
  • Organic Searchs vs.Pay Per Click
  • Building a Profitable Custom Website
  • How to Avoid Burn Out or Addiction

You can get both a download version and a hard copy if you order by June 30th.  The price is $19.95.

11 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Realtor Releases Book, Profit from Technology

  1. Congratulations, Missy. Lots of great topics, especially for real estate professionals who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of technology in our business. ‘Looks like it has the potential to be a best seller, at least in our industry.

  2. Wow – glad to see it’s finally out – I know you’re insights will definitely help lots of Realtors (r) looking for practical advice from someone like you with Proven results! WOO HOO!! Do I get my copy autographed 🙂


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