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Fireworks in Washtenaw County and Michigan

4th-of-july-2008-119If you like to see Fireworks displays on July 4th, the day we set aside to Celebrate the Birth of our Nation, here are a where they are in Washtenaw County.

Manchester, July 3rd at dark in Carr Park

Whitmore Lake, July 4th at Dusk

Ypsilanti fireworks were last night, but there is still lots to do over the entire weekend at the Lake Shore Family festival.

Grass Lake on the 4th at dusk.

Not sure what happened to fireworks in Ann Arbor or Saline but….when we first moved here they did have fireworks at the airport and my family and I enjoyed them. Now we are at Devils Lake in Irish Hills and the fireworks  are amazing.

If you are attending any fireworks displays and want to take photos, here is a great post my Pro-Blogger on how to take photo’s of fireworks. Thanks Darren, I will be trying some of these techniques. As you can see from my last years shots, I need some help.

If you live anywhere else in Michigan here is a great web-site that you can put in your city and find our when and where they are happening.

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