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Ann Arbor Townie Street Party

picture-32Every year before the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, a “Townie Street Party” is held. This year it is being held Monday, July 13th from 5:30 to 9:30 on N. University between Thayer and Fletcher.

The Townie Street Party is a time for local folks to get together before the art fair. It is FREE and a family event. It is a great time to mix with people from all over the Washtenaw County from different Townships and Chambers.  MIke Smith and the Cadillac Cowboys open the entertainment at 5:00.

This year the Art Fair begins on July 15th- 18th.  (I like to go on Wednesday morning, it is less  crowded.)

Many people don’t realize it but the Ann Arbor Art Fairs are really 4 Art Fairs. Regardless it is huge and fun !!!

I will be there taking lot of photos for my Ann Arbor Photo blog.


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