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Ann Arbor Area Residents Beware of Foreclosure Scams

man-reading-paperAnn Arbor and all of Washtenaw County residents, be on guard of Foreclosure Scams. According to the Making Home Affordable Web site:

Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams – Help Is Free!
•    Scam artists often target homeowners who are struggling to meet their mortgage commitment or anxious to sell their homes. Recognize and avoid common scams.
•    Assistance from a HUD-approved housing counselor is FREE.
•    Beware of anyone who asks you to pay a fee in exchange for a counseling service or modification of a delinquent loan.
•    Beware of people who pressure you to sign papers immediately, or who try to convince you that they can “save” your home if you sign or transfer over the deed to your house.
•    Do not sign over the deed to your property to any organization or individual unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt.
•    Never make a mortgage payment to anyone other than your mortgage company without their approval.

If you have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan you may be able to modify your loan. Go the the Making Home Affordable and enter your loan number and they will calculate if you are eligible.

Give us a call if you need assistance, we are glad to help.

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