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Michigan Residents Buying on Land Contracts “YES” you can use the Tax Credit

Back in May, I wrote a post on first time home buyers in Michigan Residents being able to buy homes on a land contract and still be able to claim the up to $8000.00 tax credit.

I have been sending out the downloaded legal opinion to many of who have requested the PDF file. The opinion was written by Greg McClelland, legal councel of Michigan Association of Realtors.

Fred Upton, U. S. Congressman (Michigan 6th District) District Representative, Ed Sackley contacted me and asked for the legal opinion. I sent it to him.They wanted a further review.

They contacted the IRS and asked them to confirm the opinion. So YES, if you are a First Time Home Buyer in Michigan you can claim the up to $8000.00 tax credit IF YOU PURCHASE USING A LAND CONTRACT !!!



Thanks Ed, for letting me share with my Ann Arbor, Saline and Michigan residents who read my blog.

* This may not apply in all states, check with your own state*

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2 thoughts on “Michigan Residents Buying on Land Contracts “YES” you can use the Tax Credit

  1. Thank you so much for this info. I’ve been trying to find trying to find out about this for months, but nobody could give me a straight answer.


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