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Ann Arbor Named in Top 10 Affordable Places to Retire by U S News & World Report

DSCN0112Once again, Ann Arbor has been named in the Top 10 Affordable Places to Retire by U S News & World Report.

According the U S News on Ann Arbor:

“If your idea of retirement is sitting in a rocking chair and watching the time go by, don’t come to Ann Arbor. This lively college town has so many concerts, art fairs, lectures, sporting events, courses, museums, and other attractions—many of them free—that it practically knocks on your door and begs you to come out. Seniors even get free bus service and discounted taxi rides.”

Watch the Slide Show here on Best Places to Retire, guess who else is there?

Columbus, Ohio…GO BLUE!

In July of 2008, I posted on CNN named Ann Arbor in the Top 100 cities to live in, we were number 27.

In July of 2008 Ann Arbor was voted number 1 for best places to retire for healthy living by Sperlings Magazine.

You can search for homes to retire to in Ann Arbor here.

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2 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Named in Top 10 Affordable Places to Retire by U S News & World Report

  1. Actually the report is for best “affordable” places to retire… Hopefully by the time I retire, the economy will be screaming along and this report will be titled “best places to retire and blow all your cash!”

  2. I imagine that you will experience the same kind of transient white collar population as Bend, Oregon did when they were listed as an attraction by USA Today!
    I hope Ann Arbor Michigan can keep up with all the suspense !

    Great Tourist location for rich Americans! (my half brother greg ryan is the womens coach at the University of Michigan and lives there on his work-contract)



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