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Ann Arbor Area…Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended

Ann Arbor Area buyers…the home buyer tax credit has been extended until Sept 30th, 2010.

The Senate voted yesterday on a Bill very similar to the House bill to extend the deadline for closing on a home that was under contract on or before April 30th.

It will now go to the President to be signed.

A big sigh of relief was heard all over the United States as many home buyers were not able to get the homes  closed due to the “short sales”, lender’s with too many files, backlog of appraisals, and flood insurance running out. The National Association broke the stat’s down by states and Michigan has 6470 home buyers in that position.

***This is a closing date bill being extended not another stimulus bill.***

Some of our buyers woke up to good news this morning.

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One thought on “Ann Arbor Area…Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended

  1. Wow, 6,470 Michigan home buyers in that position? On the other hand, I am sure that there are many home sellers who were happy to know that their “deals” were still good!


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