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Ann Arbor Ranks 3rd in Best Cities for College Grads

Ann Arbor was ranked 3rd in the best cities for college grads by the Daily Beast.

They analyzed the results of a Gallup survey of some 28,000 Americans in their 20s. Jobs are clearly important—but just as clearly, they’re not all-important. When asked what would keep them in their current location, twentysomethings ranked the availability of jobs second.

According to the article what twentysomethings value most in meeting people and making friends.

Hummmm………we’re not much different are we?

For more information on the nine statistical indicators used in the study you can read the entire article here.

One of the things they didn’t address in the study was affordable housing... stating post college kids could rent or live together. Not sure I agree with that as a licensed Broker in Michigan. I have found most are ready to own and settle down once they have graduated.

Regardless, glad Ann Arbor can now has  affordable housing.

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