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What is the Price per Square Footage of Homes in Saline, MI?

What price per square footage are homes selling for in Saline, MI?

Below you will see two graphs, one from Altos Research and one from Affinity Valuation Group, in Ann Arbor. I remember when Saline was very consistent in the price per square footage, it was $150.00 to 4152.00 per square foot. I worked with an engineer to purchase a home in 2006 and he had every house we looked at in Saline on an excel sheet. Sure enough it was consistent all across the board.

These two different opinions are very close between $119.00 and $122.00 per square feet.  One of the primary things appraisers look at when they are appraising a property to sell is square footage and they try to get homes as close as possible to based on the square footage.

Appraisers look at different variables but this is a big one. If you are selling your home in Saline, this is important to keep in mind.

Large Chart

Buying a home in Saline, Michigan?  This should give you a good idea of what you should be paying per square footage?

Selling a home in Saline, Michigan? This is where your home should be competitively priced.


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