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What Style of Home Should I Buy in Ann Arbor?

When buying a home in the Ann Arbor Area, there are numerous styles of homes to choose from. Obviously some styles are more popular than others.

In the Ann Arbor Area, 2 story, colonials are the most popular and sell for the highest price per square feet. Actually the 3 story homes sell for about $10.00 more a square foot but there are not very many of them.

Many buyers purchase a home and are thinking of resale value. Hope this chart by Pete Hendershot of Affinity Valuations is helpful.

The chart also compares the price per square foot by style for 2009 and 2010.

Finding the right home to live in around Ann Arbor is the most important consideration, but resale in important too.

Price Per Square Foot in Ann Arbor (


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