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Saline Christmas Parade (December 4th, 2010)

The 35th Annual Saline Christmas parade is this Saturday in downtown Saline. A favorite of mine for too many years to count. Let’s just say I can remember nursing my 8 month old baby under my coat on one of those nights it was freezing snow and ice.

All my kids have participated in the Saline Parade at one time or the other. When we first moved out to Saline, 20 years ago, it was a short parade, and over the years I have seen it grow, and grow and grow.

Regardless, it really gets me in the Holiday Spirit.

The theme of the parade this year, is the Christmas Story“.

The parade begins at 5:30 PM on Saturday and goes throughout downtown Saline.You can catch a shuttle at Busches if you want to park. After the parade Santa will be at Santa’s Village.

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