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Ann Arbor…Send A Call to a Someone from Santa

Ann Arbor folks, Google voice …has a way to send someone a call from Santa.

Just go to Send A Call from Santa, and you can send a voice mail, text or email to a friend or special kid. Christmas in the digital age, and fun way to surprise someone.

It is free and you don’t need a Google Voice number to do it.

I’ve bee using Google Voice for awhile and love it, my number is 734-927-9797 and it rings all the numbers I set up to find me.

Although I am never far from my phone. Sometimes I would rather answer it from home phone.

If I am busy then it goes to Voice Mail and I can read it as a text message or email. The email transcription is not great but I can usually decipher it.

It has been fabulous for screening calls from salesmen trying to sell me calendars and pencils.

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