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Surviving My Serengeti… I Am A Crocodile

Stefan Swanepoel who every year released a new book, analyzing  Real Estate Trends, is the author of a soon to be realeased book, Surviving Your Serengeti. I was honored to get a pre-launch copy of it for review.

A few years ago at a conference in Michigan, I had the pleasure of hearing Stefan speak and have followed him on Twitter and Facebook.

After reading the pre-release copy of Surviving Your Serengeti, and taking the quiz, I had to laugh as I discovered it only confirmed what other personality tests over the years have taught me.

As a crocodile, my arch type in the book, I came to a greater understanding of why I am not afraid to take on projects, and sometimes most of the time make strategic decisions with limited data.

Stefan spent his formative years in Africa before coming to America. On a recent trip back to Africa he saw the similarities on how the wild life in Africa corresponded to us in business.

Each animal has different survival skills and dominance in the wild.Each of use have different skills we automatically use in our day to day business endeavors.

My entrepreneurial nature affords me the opportunity to be passionate about Ann Arbor Real Estate, and the opportunities available to the Missy Caulk TEAM buyers and sellers. Seeking out opportunities to give our clients the best possible technologies to help our buyers in their Ann Arbor Home Search.

I am always looking for good business books, this one is great! Easy to read and apply.My review on Surviving Your Serengeti is on Barnes and Noble.

You can take the quiz free on Surviving Your Serengeti.

The book will be released on March 1st, you can pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you take the test I would love for you to leave in the comments which animal in the wild you are most like.

***I was not paid to endorse this book, in anyway.***

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2 thoughts on “Surviving My Serengeti… I Am A Crocodile

  1. I’m a giraffe.
    Well, that’s funny… I’ve always said that I feel like a giraffe when I wear heels (I’m 5’10” barefoot!).
    Thanks for sharing this, Missy! I’ll certainly look for the book when it’s released.


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