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Ann Arbor Buyers Preparing for the “Final Walk-Through”

In Ann Arbor our purchase agreements provide a time frame of 48 hours to do a final walk-through before closing. Typically this is done the night before or an hour before the closing.

This is really important for a new home buyer to do. Many times you may think, oh I just saw it, measured for curtains, did an inspection but…take 15 minutes and make sure everything is still the way you last saw it.

Pre-Closing Tips – Preparing For Your Final Walk-Through

Be sure that you conduct a pre-settlement walk-through and check each of the systems prior to settlement. Review the overall condition of the home just prior to your taking ownership and confirm that systems that were operating properly during the home inspection are still in working condition.

Occupied House: If the house was occupied at the time of our inspection, personal belongings, furniture, etc., may have obscured items/areas and made them inaccessible for inspection. Normally these belongings are removed prior to the pre-settlement walk-through and you will have an excellent opportunity to view all of the surfaces and systems at that time. If an item was obscured during our inspection and you feel that it may be defective after you have had an opportunity to view it during your pre-settlement walk-through, you should discuss it with your title company or attorney right away.

Vacant House: While a vacant house is easier to inspect visually than an occupied one, there are disadvantages. This is particularly true if the house has been vacant for a long time. Seals and bearings of mechanical systems may have dried out and caused accelerated deterioration or failure. Further, possible leaks may not have been detected during your inspection because lack of use had prevented accumulation of sufficient water to create a stain or other observable evidence.

Utilities Off: You should ensure that the utilities will be turned on prior to your pre-settlement walk-through inspection and that you will have an opportunity to check all of the systems. If the utilities were off at the time of your inspection, contact your inspector to ascertain the steps/checks you should perform to satisfy yourself that any un-inspected systems are working properly prior to settlement.

Declaration: If a declaration has been made by the sellers or agents concerning the age of any item, condition, repair, service contract, or warranty, those statements should be placed in writing. A request should be made for the seller to provide you with all instruction books, operator’s manuals, warranties, and other documents related to the various systems and appliances within the property. This paperwork will be extremely useful to you.

Checklist: Don’t forget to bring along our complementary “Walk-through Checklist.” Using our Walk-through Checklist is a required part of our inspection service agreement and provides practical, useful information for you at the time of closing.

Article courtesy of U.S. Inspect.

One thought on “Ann Arbor Buyers Preparing for the “Final Walk-Through”

  1. Good checklist and steps for a walkthrough. I would add the items requested to be fixed during the inspection period.


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