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Saline, Michigan Real Estate Market Report

Saline, Michigan Real Estate Market Reports

When I talk to buyers about the real estate market in Saline, I like to show a comparison of where the Saline Real Estate Market is now vs where we were the Saline Market was a year ago.

You can see from the chart below that the inventory in Saline, MI is DOWN. That is a good thing, unless you are a buyer looking in a certain price point or neighborhood.

Price of homes in Saline, Real Estate Market?

When working with buyers looking to purchase a home in Saline, Michigan it is important to know if the Saline Real Estate Market is consistent, down or increasing in value.

You can see from this graph that we hit a low ($192,000.) in March 2011 but now the price point is up to almost $220,000. This brings me back to the first point, inventory in Saline…Suppy vs Demand equals higher sale prices.

Saline Real Estate Market Report

The next chart is done monthly by Affinity Valuations, a local appraiser that I have known for years and trust completely.

I like this market report chart because Pete graphs out for the Saline, Michigan Real Estate Market data over a three year period. In this graph which Pete gleans from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors, You can see the trend in price per square feet, number of sales each month.

The trend is price per square foot in Saline, Michigan has been consistent for the last three years.

Saline Real Estate Market Reports by email

On my Ann Arbor Real Estate Talk blog you can get monthly updates on the real estate market in Saline, either by checking back monthly or signing up for Executive Saline Real Estate Market Reports to be emailed to you.

Saline Real Estate Market

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  1. Hi Missy
    Great Stuff here .I always enjoying reading on all your marketing Reports,especially this one the Saline Marketing Report. It’s very Informative clean and straight to the point. You are truly one of Ann Arbor short sale agents finest! Thanks for these reports.

    Jennifer Manchester
    Suburban Properties of Charlotte, LLC.
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