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Homes for Sale in Ann Arbor Experiencing Break-ins

Sentri lock lock box Today the Ann posted a story on homes being broken into while on the market.

The crew is alleged to have stolen foreign coins, two-dollar bills, equestrian trophies, jewelry, electronics, cash, a guitar and custom-made brass bullets from homes in Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Township, Scio Township, Webster Township and Dexter Township. In one instance, a wall was destroyed in an unsuccessful attempt to open a safe filled with expensive jewelry, according to courtroom testimony Thursday.

It took about 15 minutes for me to look on the Ann Arbor MLS and figure out where they were located.  I looked at the date it was listed and cross referenced it with which ones provided on the map showed. Many of the homes were unoccupied at the time, while the homeowners were trying to sell or on vacation.

Does this bother you?

It does me, because when I list a home for sale in the Ann Arbor area, I use a Sentri-lock lockbox. It is an electronic lockbox that we as Realtors must update our cards every 3 days.

Although we have been offering them to our Realtor members for over two years, many agents have not upgraded to them and still continue to use the old punch key or locker type numerical ones.

Each lockbox is only $100.00 and our board of Realtors was offering them for $35.00 during the transition to get Realtors to use them.

Sorry for my rant…but it is inexcusable for listings agents to not use these to better protect their sellers. When a agent is showing a property is records exactly who went in and what time that we can check in our logs.

Ann Arbor sellers be safe, INSIST you have a secure, electronic lockbox on your property.

End of rant….

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