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Biggest Mistakes In Selling Your Ann Arbor House

What are some of the biggest mistakes when selling your Ann Arbor home?

Old West SideFirst, a seller needs to hire a local Realtor and not someone out of area to market their home. Local Realtor’s know the area, subdivisions, neighborhoods, and schools.

When buyers buy a house, they are thinking more than house, they are thinking home. Home means more than a house. New homeowners will be integrating into the community and want to know about it.


In the graph attached below, you will see that 77% of all the homes sold, price is the determining factor. Price it correctly right out the gate, don’t chance the market down.

Now we are in a seller’s market here in Ann Arbor and last year we saw our market increase by an average of 14%, which is  good news and by the end of the selling season, most appraisals were starting to come in fine.

Go over the comparable sales with your Ann Arbor Realtor. Realtors sell a lot of homes, most sellers sell 4 or 5 during their lifetime.  We live and  breathe real estate and know based on data where your home should be priced.


There is nothing more frustrating to a buyer who wants to view your home on a certain day and time to be turned down. Now occasionally unexpected things come up. But, for the most part make your home available when buyers are ready to see.


Coming in at 32% is to de-clutter your home. I am shocked at how many home’s I show where it is too cluttered. You can do two things to resolve this:

1) rent a storage unit

2) stack it up neatly in the basement

Here is the graph, this graph was designed from input by 1000 Realtors on Activerain.

Data provided by

ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.

If you are looking for a market value on you Ann Arbor Home click here, and enter your email address and tell me about your home. I will send you all the recent data in your neighborhood.

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