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Michigan Medical Residents “Match” in 11 Days

In just 11 days all the newly matched residents will be planning their next 3-7 years in Ann Arbor.

Match Day 2014

UM conquering heros flagMatch day is March 21st this year. All across the nation, medical school graduates will be hoping they get their first choice to begin their residency.

Each year we work with a good number of the new residents moving to Ann Arbor to be apart of the University of Michigan Hospital system.

We’ve already started to get some calls from moms and dad’s and students looking on our Ann Arbor home search site.


U of M hospital Last year and it appears to be again this year we are short on inventory.

Four of our residents had to write offers on homes that were sight unseen. They simply just didn’t have the time to book a flight and get out here. My daughter would go to the house do a google chat with them and then write the offer.

We laughed later as we were having dinner with one of the couple who had to find their home this way. She said, my parents thought we were crazy when we told them we were buying a house we had never seen with a Realtor we have never met.

Unfortunately, it was necessary for those four couples.

Regardless, it is not to early to start your home search and condo search if you are “matching” to University of Michigan. 



U of M. hospitals We have reference’s give us a call at 734-926-9797 or email and we will send them to you.

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