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Ann Arbor & Saline, MI Home Sellers (the most important thing I can do for you)

House in ChelseaThe Ann Arbor, MI market is is fluctuation. It is changing almost daily.Pricing a home right is THE MOST important thing I do.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, buyers don’t care what you “need” to sell.

Mr. and Mrs.Seller, It is not wise to “test the market for a month.”

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, Yes, they can just “make and offer” but they won’t.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, The buyer is looking at all the homes in the price range you have priced the home in. Your home just does not compare in that price range.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, Your home is helping to sell the other homes listed in your price range, because it looks like they are getting a good value on the other ones.

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, All the marketing of your home will still not sell an over-priced home.

Mr.and Mrs. Seller, get it right the first time.

A Comparative Market Analysis is only what a house is worth in a certain location, in a certain condition and at a given point in time, within a 30-90 day time period. In the Ann Arbor, Michigan market homes need to be re-evaluated every 30 days. Your realtor should stay on top of what is listed, what has sold and what has been reduced. A market value is always changing so you must change with it and price accordingly.

My website offers lots of great tips for selling your home.

Search other homes and see on-line how your house stacks up to the competition. Look at location, size and ammenities. Be brutely honest with yourself. Put on your buyers hat. Would you buy your house or another one?

In our market right now, it is not so much the comparables that have SOLD but what your competition will be looking at.

Mr and Mrs. Seller, we will price your home to be in the Top 5 homes that are looked at for any buyer moving to Ann Arbor or Saline, MI.

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3 thoughts on “Ann Arbor & Saline, MI Home Sellers (the most important thing I can do for you)

  1. Missy – Great adivce to sellers in Saline. Buyers really don’t care what a seller thinks he need to get out of the house. Start out with the right price is especially important in the present market condition.


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