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How Many Social Networks are YOU on?

We’re Everywhere, We’re Everywhere

The graph below is called a friend wheel. It is an application I downloaded on Facebook.

How many hours would it take you to draw this? Hours, I imagine. It takes about 60 seconds to download all your friends on this graph. Take a look, notice all the Activerain members on Facebook. 

facebook friend wheel

I started my profile a few months ago and there is a market place group where you can upload your listings.

Just this week they started a new application where you can put you listings in and they upload to Google base. It is called LivePads. Cheryl Johnson posted on LivePads a couple of days ago, so I went and added a few listings. My kids are amazed I have 149 friends on Facebook. WEB 2.0 is about being connected.

If you don’t want to be poked, hugged, thrown food hat, served a drink, give and receive flowers, be poked, be super poked, don’t come !!

Another one I just signed up for is Realty World, check out my profile here.

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