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Schools in MI start September 2nd…wonder what the kids will learn?

Schools open in Michigan the day after Labor Day. That would be on September 2nd of this year. Several years ago the Michigan Legislature made it mandatory to start school the day after Labor Day. This decision was made to help with tourism in the state.

Now, if you have high school children, you know that reality is school starts in early August. Why? That is when football practice starts, soccer starts, marching band starts.

Then you have all the Southern Schools that have already gone back in mid-August. I have no clue but I wonder how much tourism really occurs in Michigan in August.

One thing for sure, children of all ages will be studying this year, is the Presidential Election. Here is a fun, educational video on how Presidents are elected in the U.S. You might want to refer back to it.

Lee Lefever produces these and I have to say I just love them. You can see all his videos on YouTube or on his own site the Common Craft Blog. He is known for producing complicated subjects in Plain English.

I have a feeling my husband who teaches high school will be using this one this year.

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