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Advantage Preschool in Ann Arbor

A2PreschoolAdvantage Preschool in Ann Arbor is a located at Abigail Way in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Advantage Preschool is owned and operated by Christina Slade, a graduate of University of Michigan with a Masters Degree in Education. Christina also has her Michigan Professional Education Certificate and is experienced and certified to teach Pre K through 8 grade.

According to Christina who loves to teach children in pre-school “Children are naturally curious and learn best when they are intrinsically motivated to do so.  I firmly believe in the uniqueness of each child’s learning and development.”

“I am committed to helping children make an easy, loving transition from home to preschool.”

Christina SladeChristina and her husband just relocated back to Ann Arbor from California where she also had a home daycare and preschool. Joel is a Resident at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Read here what other parents say about Christina.

Advantage Preschool provides a high-quality program that offers children a structured environment with directed and non-directed activities.  This balanced program offers developmentally appropriate activities that will stimulate your child’s interest and foster his or her social-emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical growth. Each child is treated with love and kindness in a safe, nurturing environment.

To see a a typical day in Advantage Preschool click here.You can also fill out an online registration.

The Advantage Preschool is limited to only 6 children ages 2 1/2 and older.

Click here for more information on Advantage Preschool.

Email: Christiana at: or call 734-997-8865.

Christina is so excited to be back in Ann Arbor, as we were searching for her and Joels new home, finding the right location and house for her new Washtenaw County preschool was her highest priority. I know with her sweet, loving nature there will be a waiting list for children to attend A2 Advantage Preschool.

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