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Ann Arbor and Saline Did you Know 4.0?

Ann Arbor and Saline residents, you know we are going through a lot of changes. This is a great little video that puts life in perspective.

Although the video has zip to do with real estate, it does have to everything to do with how we communicate with each other and the people looking to buy or sell in Ann Arbor and Saline. Make sure you hire a Realtor that is going to market your home where the buyers are looking.

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One thought on “Ann Arbor and Saline Did you Know 4.0?

  1. Great video on the acceleration of tech in our lives. Will be very interesting to see how the Real Estate market is impacted. I have a feeling that we think we know what’s coming however we can’t even begin to fathom the true changes. Going to be fun stuff!


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