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What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income?

Yesterday I posted on the tax credit for existing home buyers in the Ann Arbor Area.

How do you determine if you qualify based on your income?  The IRS uses a formula (MAGI) or Modified adjusted gross income.

To find it, a taxpayer must first determine “adjusted gross income” or AGI. AGI is total income for a year minus certain deductions (known as “adjustments” or “above-the-line deductions”), but before itemized deductions from Schedule A or personal exemptions are subtracted.

On Forms 1040 and 1040A, AGI is the last number on page 1 and the first number on page 2 of the form. For Form 1040-EZ, AGI appears on line 4 (as of 2007). Note that AGI includes all forms of income including wages, salaries, interest income, dividends and capital gains.

To determine modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), add to AGI certain amounts of foreign-earned income.

For homes purchased after November 6, 2009 and on or before April 30, 2010, single taxpayers with incomes up to $125,000 and married couples with incomes up to $225,000 qualify for the full tax credit.

If your income is over these limits you may qualify for a partial credit.

See IRS Form 5405 for more details.

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