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Saline High School Gets Kudos from American Athletic Institute

Saline water towerAAI is the American Athletic Institute is a Sports Consulting Firm dedicated to helping people both in and out of sports.The AAI primary focus is on the education of student athletics on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Recently AAI staff made a trip to Saline High School and as they posted on their web-site:

“What an incredible school”, said John Underwood (Director of AAI).  Underwood stated he was absolutely impressed by the commitment to excellence in athletics. Coming off winning several State Championships from winter sports, the timing for this program was fantastic… The coaches and school administrators spent most of the day observing programming from AAI.

When we had a break for dinner, the Superintendent (Scott Graden) asked to join us. “That is a rarety” said Underwood. The coaches spent four hours discussing high performance sport and social drug use impact. They are serious coaches and they understood their role in confronting the greatest threat to success.

Incredible facilities, caring adults who set serious standards for youth and a packed auditorium with as many as 700 athletes and their parents, made the trip to Michigan worth the effort.

The program was not even mandated. That should tell you why Saline High School is a sport school.

Attendance in the previous 4 Michigan high schools  for the evening sessions were 8, 15, 45 and 25 persons.  That is the difference in adults who care and those who say they do.

You can talk the talk or walk the walk… In Saline its not just talk! They are for real…

As a parent in the Saline Area Schools District, this is not surprising to me. The families are incredibly involved in the lives of their children and the schools.

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