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How Long Do Short Sales Take in Ann Arbor Area?

How long do short sales take in Ann Arbor is a question I get asked quite a bit.

The answer is it depends.

Depends on the bank…

Depends if there is two loans…

Depends if the agent knows what the heck they are doing…

One of the first things we do on the Missy Caulk Team is collect EVERYTHING the bank(s) are going to require UP FRONT.

It is called the “Short Sale Package” and includes, last 2 pay stubs, hardship letter, last 2 years of tax returns, authorization forms and financial work sheet.

Once we have collected this from the sellers, we label each page with the sellers last name, the loan(s) numbers and the last 4 digits of the sellers Social Security numbers. This goes on every single page, because banks are known for loosing them.

Then we wait for the offer to come in. Once it does, we send it off to the bank with the whole Short Sale Package.

After this it is out of our control.

But, we were prepared and ready to go to do our part in moving the Short Sale Process along.

If you are upside down on your mortgage don’t bury your head in the sand, call us today. 734-926-9797

2 thoughts on “How Long Do Short Sales Take in Ann Arbor Area?

  1. Real estate has really become a tricky business these days. It is refreshing to have found someone who knows what they are talking about. I highly recommend this site. Real Estate Investor and Note Specialist.

  2. Maybe it would take time or depends on your real estate agent if the agent did very well. Many people think that Short Sale or Foreclosure means they are in poor shape. A short sale package should be submitted to the bank, wait for response and receive it and start negotiate the terms.


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