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Saline Valley Farms in Saline Michigan

Saline Valley Farms

Saline Valley Farms is located South of Saline off Saline-Milan Rd. This is a gorgeous subdivision with it’s own private lake, Lake Ella.

The history of Saline Valley Farms is very interesting to read. Jim Cameron, a history teacher in Saline High School has written a great book on it. To quote:

The Saline Valley Farms, a farm cooperative on nearly 1000 acres, 3½ miles south of town, was begun by Harold S. Gray in 1932. Oral historian James Cameron has written, “(The venture) attracted struggling families during depression years. Over one hundred members lived with their families on site and worked cooperatively to operate a dairy, orchards, poultry house, and gardens. Success mushroomed as members developed a store at the farm to sell to the public and used delivery vans to bring fresh produce and canned goods to Detroit and the suburbs. By the mid-1950s, with the death of the cooperative’s founder and a recovering economy and job market, second generation members of SVF families were attracted to life other than farming.” It should be noted that most of the residents came to SVF from outside the Saline area, but many these families opted to remain in our area after the Valley Farms closed down.”

Even now if you drive out to Saline Valley you will find many of the cottages remaining in the back of the property.

  • Price: $350-500,000
  • Sq ft: 2400-3500
  • York Township
  • Country setting
  • Private Lake
  • 300 acres of preserved nature
  • Includes a community well and private community septic for residents
  • Under ground utilities

Saline Valley Farms began building in 2006. Original builder was Mancuso Homes, and the current builders are Peter Building Company and Toll Brothers Inc.

If you are looking for peace and tranquility only a few minutes to downtown Saline, this is a place you should check out. There are many lots available to purchase.

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Saline Valley Farms in Saline Michigan


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