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Ann Arbor Area Rentals Are Scarce

The rental market in the Ann Arbor Area is scarce.

The Data

I know that, as I have been looking for rental properties for several families in Saline. We currently have 2 available.

Yesterday CNN Money Magazine posted on Double Digit Rent Rise is Coming. So I decided to do some overall research from our MLS.

Saline has 2 rentals available.

Dexter has 4 rentals available.

Ann Arbor has 43….but if you take out the high end rentals at South Main Street, that are designated Sr. Living and start at $3360.00 to $4970.00 we only have 29.

So Ann Arbor actually has 29 houses for rent.

The rental situation for Dexter and Saline doesn’t get any better with condo’s for rent.

There is nothing!!

Ann Arbor shows 35 condo’s for rent. Not a good amount for the Medical Residents who will be getting their “Match Letters” on March 17th.

I’ve been calling listing agents in the area the last 45 days to see if any of their sellers would want to rent in Saline. So far nothing.

Why Are We Scarce?

The last several years, we have had a ton of homeowners that were forced to sell their homes in a Short Sale or lost it in a Foreclosure. They still need a place to live. So they are renting.

So what does this mean for you?

If you want to rent in Saline or Dexter, you must have patience. If you live in Ann Arbor and you see something that will meet your temporary needs, jump quick. Make sure your REALTOR calls the listing agent to see if they are in the midst of negotiating a lease. Many times they are and it is not posted yet in the MLS.

***The data is from the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors and doesn’t include apartments,craigslist ad’s, or any property managers that may not utilize our MLS.***

Give us a call (734-216-2822) and we will set you up a Rental Search so you will be the first to know when a rental hits the market or you can search for rentals on our home search site.

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