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Ann Arbor First Time Home Buyers in 2010

Ann Arbor first time home buyers, remember to file your Form 5405 in order to get your $8000.00 Tax Credit.

This time last year everyone was scrambling to find a home in the Ann Arbor Area, in order to get the $8000.00 first time home buyer credit.

The form you need to file is called the Form 5405, you can click the link and print it out, take to your CPA or fill it out yourself. You may need to send the purchase agreement if you wrote the sales contract before April 30th, 2010 but didn’t close until after that date.

They want to see that your contract to purchase was accepted before April 13th. If you worked with the Missy Caulk TEAM, we can send it to you. If not contact your agent as they have the copies.

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