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STOP Worrying So Much About SEO and Blog Things With Merit

We read,worry and obsess so much over SEO,(Search Engine Optimization) but is it necessary?

Here is a fantastic video I found by Matt Cutts, Google WebMaster that cuts to the chase on optimizing your sites.

It was just published in April 2011 so up to date information and hopefully will take your stress level down a few notches.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and honestly I have never worried to much about it. I use a few little things to enhance my blog posts and when I teach I share them. Thanks to Karen George who coached a few of us on Activerain, a few months into blogging in the rain I learned a few little techniques and have stuck with them.

If you haven’t read Karen’s blog who passed away a few years ago from breast cancer you should read every word she has ever written.Michael her husband now blogs under her profile .

When I teach on blogging, I want folks to walk away with only a few things to make their posts more SEO friendly and that is IT.

  • Key Words not too many
  • Anchor Text
  • Alt Tags
  • Call to Action

If as Matt Cutts says in his video Google looks at On Page Content and Off Page Links. (backlinks)  If you want to know more about this read Katerina Gasset, a wonderful blogging coach.

Now go have some fun…

6 thoughts on “STOP Worrying So Much About SEO and Blog Things With Merit

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