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U of M Womans Football Academy…”Wow”

What a fantastic day was spent on Saturday at the University of Michigan Woman’s Football Academy.

Besides over 100,000.00 raised for the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Missy Caulk TEAM was able to contribute $750.00.

Thank you so much for all my past clients and blogging friends that were able to help us out.

The Schedule

In the mornings after introductions, everyone was divided into teams and each team rotated with a position coach where we learned the stances, and the proper technique’s. After about 15 minutes with each University of Michigan Coach and the players we rotated to the next position.

The Scrimmage

After lunch we got in our assigned teams. My team was coached by Coach Jeff Hecklinski, (Coach Heck) the Wide Receiver Coach. Our team played against Coach Jerry Montgomery’s team, who coaches the Defensive Line. Coach Heck, turned the actual plays over to Roy Roundtree, and he wanted everyone to go long. (tee hee)

Coach Heck said the one thing he heard over and over again all day was, “OMG there is Denard!”

One of the most fun things was running through the tunnel and getting to scrimmage in the the BIG HOUSE.

Well a picture is worth a thousand words, so let the video show you have much fun we had at the U of M Woman’s Football Academy.

If you would like to play on our team next year, let me know because I would love to be able to spend the day with you and help raise more money for the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

U of M Womans Football Academy


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