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Remembering the Tragedy of 9-11

From the high of a University Michigan victory of the U of M football team over Notre Dame last night to the sadness of today, remembering the victims and tragedy of 9-11.

Remembering 9-11 Tragedy

When John Kennedy was shot I was in Choir Practice, in 5th grade at St. Thomas More in Paducah, Ky. when we immediately went to the alter and prayed for our President. I went home to find my mother crying, I will never forget that day.

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was in a business meeting at RE/MAX Community Associates when my Broker kept getting calls from his son in Washington, D.C. Another co-worker kept getting calls from his son who worked in the Pentagon. Neither answered right away. Finally my co-worker got up and left the meeting and he returned with a radio. He said nothing.

Putting the radio down on the table, we listened.

One by one we got up and left in silence.

By the time I got to my home in Saline, a few minutes later, the 2nd tower was hit by the second plane.

Never the same after the tragedy of 9-11

The world or at least our world changed on 9-11.  Today I remember all the victims who lost their lives, their families and their loved ones on 9-11.

I will always remember the tragedy of 9-11, and the day President Kennedy was shot.

2 thoughts on “Remembering the Tragedy of 9-11

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