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Need a Place to Stay During the U of M Football games?

Yesterday I received a call from someone on one of my listings from 2010. She and her family were going to be having a family reunion in Ann Arbor and she had spoken to someone who was renting their home out for them to stay in on a Michigan football weekend. 

I had NEVER heard of this. Since her daughter who was coordinating the event, I was  concerned it might be like a craigslist scam. I was able to hook her up with the buyer agent who sold the home in 2010 so all is good.

She called me back and told me the name of the website where local Ann Arbor people could rent out their homes during U of M  football games. Turns out she was right, the name of the site is Rent like a Champion. According to the Ann Arbor News about 3300 rooms are rented during the weekend of home games, the name of the local, Ann Arbor site is Ann Arbor Football Rentals. 

When I went to their site for Ann Arbor, I didn’t find many homes available for rent, so homeowners, what do you think?

I think it is a great idea and could easily spread across the country. The site and idea was started by 3 Notre Dame graduates and I think it is a intriguing idea.  Instead of the tenants eating out all weekend they would have kitchen privileges and everyone stay together.

According to Pat Doyle, CEO of Rent Like a Champion, the rental is tax free to the homeowner as you can rent for 14 days a year without any tax liability. (IRS code)

For more information contact: (855) BIG GAME or

So let’s go Ann Arbor let’s fill the web-site up for homes available to rent during the U of M football weekends. 


Do you think renting your home out for U of M Football games is a good idea or bad? Leave your thoughts below in the comments, good or bad? Would you consider doing this? 

4 thoughts on “Need a Place to Stay During the U of M Football games?

  1. Missy, This is a cool idea and can certainly help a family either survive some more with extra income and or build that nest egg. I have heard people do this in the past for large local events, just trying to remember when and where. Good post.


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