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The Spirit of Ann Arbor

The Spirit of Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan School of Engineering created the video in the end of the post, I thought it was really good. I loved everyone’s opinions on the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

I think they summed up fairly well what it is like to live and or work in Ann Arbor. I loved the street scene’s. Recently I wrote on Discover Ann Arbor and there was no way to sum up everything about discovering Ann Arbor and the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

After you watch the video let me know your thoughts are on what you think is the Spirit of Ann Arbor.

I think my biggest one is the diversity of people and opinions and the freedom to be you.

Relocating to Ann Arbor

Many people move to Ann Arbor and stay forever, some are here for only a few short years while attending the University of Michigan. I’ve lived here 32 years, hard to believe with my Southern roots.  I really love working with transplanted southerners moving to Ann Arbor.

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