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Buyers in Ann Arbor Want to Buy Model Type Homes

Buyers in Ann Arbor want to buy model type homes.

Gorgeous home Ok, what does that mean, Missy?

Well it means buyers in Ann Arbor are looking for homes that are:
1) Move in ready
2) Well cared for
3) The home has updates, preferably the kitchen and baths.
4) De-Clutter

How do I know buyers want to buy model type homes in Ann Arbor?

The homes that are in the best condition sell the fastest and for the highest price. The quicker a home gets under contract, the higher the price. The longer it is on the market the lower the price.

Buyers in Ann Arbor ask

Buyers in Ann Arbor ask, how long has this been on the market? The buyers we are working with now when they see a home that looks like a model know that it is going to go quickly. So within a week it is gone, most of the time…being honest here within 2 days.

Sellers you know what to do if you are selling in this marketing season or maybe in a year. Take care of “all” the maintenance items NOW. If you have brass fixtures, take them down and go with the brush nickel or the antique ones. This means even the door handles.

Get a new kitchen or paint the kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets is not hard or expensive, it just takes time.

Want a quick sale for a great price, remember Ann Arbor area buyers are looking for a model type home.

Trust me I see a ton of homes that are de-cluttered, up to date and move in ready…they sell very quickly.

If you need advice on getting your Ann Arbor home ready to sell give us a call, 734-926-9797


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