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Ann Arbor Area Market The Last 3 Years

Ann Arbor market data in the last 3 years.

I hope you can read this because it is truly incredible. A friend in my office has been composing data for us and using data from the Ann Arbor Area MLS. Today I was reviewing it and wanted to point out a few of the things I noticed.

1) In August 2010, there was a 9.0 month supply of inventory vs August 2013 there was a 3.0 month supply of inventory.

2) In August 2010, there were 2361 homes available to buy in Ann Arbor. In August 2013 there were 1032 homes to buy.

3) 11.1% sold in August 2010, yet in August 2013 33.8% of homes sold.

This has been only 3 years. I started to experience the market stabilizing in 2011 and the market data below reflects that.

3 year change in Ann Arbor market

I am excited to see what is going to happen during our Fall and Winter months.

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