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Saline Memorial Day Parade 2014

Saline Memorial Day Parade is Monday, May 26th at 10:00

Vietnam Memorial I have always really enjoyed the Saline Memorial Day Parade. This year it will mean more to me as my husband, who was a Marine passed away last June. His resting place is right under the statue at Oakwood Cemetery.

The parade starts at the Saline Fire Station on the corner of Michigan Ave and Harris Rd. and ends at Oakwood where the Veterans are honored.

The Saline Memorial Day parade is always a community event, with the Saline High School bands in both Middle and High School participating. The boy scouts place flags on all the gravestones prior to the event and the Girl Scouts placing them around town.

But, we gather together to honor the men and woman who have fought for our freedoms.

America’s Veterans

America’s veterans are our national hero’s who have risked their lives defending our magnificent country, which is why all patriotic Americans will honor their painful sacrifices on Memorial Day. Yet today, we are seeing a scandal where our veterans are dying before they can get into treatment across the country in VA Hospitals.

I have had several clients and friends work at the VA in Ann Arbor. Every time I look at a map I am glad I don’t see Michigan on the list.

The government’s own rules say ailing veterans seeking potentially life-saving medical screenings must be seen within 14 days. But because of government incompetence – and worse – our veterans are being denied medical screenings for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday is a perfect time to shine a spotlight on this crisis and pressure Congress to do the right thing to stop this tragedy who need our help now.

Congress is responsible for overseeing our federal laws, which includes the VA.

If you want to help there is a Medical Care for Veterans petition you can sign here.

Happy Memorial Day!



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