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Where Should I Send My Kids to School in Ann Arbor ?

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Michigan Schools

Deciding on a school district for parents moving into the Ann Arbor area is very important. Many people moving into the area take a few days to meet with principal’s  and walk through the buildings.

Bridge is an endeavor of the Center for Michigan, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)3 “think and do tank” based in Ann Arbor.

You can read more about Bridge here. 

They recently released their annual school report for the top 25 schools in Michigan. This is not the be all, end all at all. But, it can be one more tool if you are researching schools in the Ann Arbor area.

Here is the report on schools in Michigan by Bridge Magazine.  If you are ONLY interested in finding out where your school district ranks you can look at the database here.

Of course choosing a school district for your child is an extremely personal one as it should be. Not one size fits all.

List of Public Schools and Academies in Washtenaw County

Public Schools and Academies

Public school districts within Washtenaw County include:

Ann Arbor





Whitmore Lake

Lincoln Consolidated

Willow Run



Public School Academies

To learn more about the public school districts, visit the Washtenaw Intermediate School District’s website.

For additional information about schools in the Ann Arbor District, visit the directory search provided by the Ann Arbor Public Schools (search by street name or by specific school).

Search homes for sale in ALL the Ann Arbor Area school districts.


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