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University of Michigan Ranked # 2 in Best College Towns

University of Michigan.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan was named number 2 in the best college town reviews. Roughly one out of two Ann Arbor residents are students during the school year, setting the stage for a college town feel.

The University of Michigan football games ARE the real center of entertainment in Ann Arbor. Outside of football season, however, there is a good mixture of modern cuisine, bars, museums, parks, and cultural offerings. Despite the frigid winter months, bike paths, trails, and good city planning make Ann Arbor quite livable. Ann Arbor has quality education from K-post grad, and boasts some of the finest elementary school music programs in the country.

While the University of Michigan is the largest employer in Ann Arbor (employing some 30,000 workers)–tech and science jobs are also on the rise. The city is home to Google’s AdWords offices (the company’s main source of revenue), and Toyota. JSTOR and Environmental Protection Agency offices offer other research offerings (quite a few for a town Ann Arbor’s size).

With a high student to resident ratio, great livability, a college town feel, and an impressive mixture of employers, Ann Arbor is a fantastic college town.

What they considered in determining how college towns ranked.

  • Livability
  • Student-to-resident ratio
  • Cultural Offerings
  • School Presence
  • Large Employers

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