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 Pricing “YOUR” House

The seller sets the price of the home, but ultimately

The buyer determines the value.

My job is to supply you with the facts about what has

sold recently and what is now for sale to help you

make a decision.

Don't over-price

  The Common Pricing Objections

Frequently heard comments from sellers, that don’t have any relationship to the value of the house.

•·       “Another agent said it was worth more.”

•·       “Our house is nicer than those houses.”

•·       “People always offer less than asking price.”

•·       “We can always come down on our price>”

•·       “We have to get that much out of our home.”

•·       “My neighbor was able to get his price.”

•·       “Let’s try it at our price for a month or so.”

•·       “The buyers can always make an offer.”

•·       ” We paid more than that  for our home.”

  Beware Of Devious Agents

Can you believe this was in consumer reports?“Beware that some devious agents will at first suggest a very handsome price. Then, after they have the listing and the house hasn’t sold they’ll come back a with a pitch to lower the price.”

Consumer Reports, July 1990

Unconditional Listing Guarantee

Do you do guarantees?If for any reason our TEAM does not provide 100% satisfactory service, just let us know and we will promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours. If you are still not satisfied, we will release you unconditionally from the listing agreement without further obligation.

We’re so sure that you will not only be just satisfied, but actually be delighted!


Prior to the first meeting.

Prior to meeting with you I will email you a Pre-Listing Questionaire for you to complete and send back to me. That way I can assertain your needs, time frame, expectations. We will be a team working together to get you to the closing table.



YOUR home will be seen everywhere imaginable.


Compare your home to other home in your Ann Arbor area neighborhood.